May 4, 2015

Medical supplies



Safara Associates is a provider for a wide range of medical services in the emergency medical industry. Safara offers great pricing with the latest solutions for all sort of day to day medical needs such as surgical gloves and breathing mask to catheters and IV bags we service a wide range of EMS agencies and Emergency Departments as well as Intl aid agencies.Safara has fulfilled many contracts with the United States Government in the field of Vehicle outfitting including but not limited to Hospital Patient Ambulances and First Response Vehicles.We can provide everything from emergency lights and sirens to the syringes you will need to treat you patient either ALS (Advanced Life Support) or BLS (Basic Life Support). Our outfitting consists of the latest most cutting edgeequipment to fit your needs and regional specifications and guidelines set forth by your medical charter.


Safara EMS and Paramedic Pre hospital care,

Safara Associates carries an entire line of Pre hospital care medical supplies; these supplies will make the difference in saving a life while at work in the field. We actively work together with EMS and Paramedic Ambulance companies to ensure that they are stocked with the most modern equipment available our wide array of AEDs , Thumpers CPR machines, Life pack cardiac monitors, Uniforms, to bio hazard protection equipment we ensure you are fully equipped to handle any emergency.
Here is a list of just some of the products we carry, on our Medical supply line card, but we have partnerships with many different suppliers and manufacturers and are able to acquire virtually anything.