May 22, 2015

IT Services




Safara is currently developing a new line of employment in the IT field. We are going to service all of our clients, by:

  • helpingĀ them to be prepared, face threats and protect their systems ensuring information integrity.
  • providing them with solutions that can be used by law enforcements, TSA, Federal and local Agencies as well as emergency response.
  • improving efficiency and reducing the costs of their systems.
  • providingĀ them with systems to collect and analyze data.




We’re actively seeking IT professionals that can help us provide our customers with

  • tools to safeguard their data
  • modernize their systems and operative measures
  • optimize their processes
  • maintain and advance their infrastructure

Our main purpose is to provide an excellent service to our clients. If you think you’re the right person for us, please, consult our job wall and apply for a position within our company.