May 12, 2015

Emergency Vehicle Outfitting

20160420_153607We are a experienced, talented, successful and dedicated individuals that have come together for a single purpose; to be a part of a unique culture that thrives on being complete in delivering the highest quality service & products to the Clients through seamless integration in any complex or multi-faceted situation.

Our desire is to be the most reliable resource for our Clients, offering them simple solutions to complex challenges—going above and beyond the call and having our Clients know we faithfully have their best interest in mind. With decades of practical law enforcement experience, our battle tested group of professionals provide our Clients with the talent, resources and knowledge that is incomparable.

Safara Associates provides top-quality, full-service vehicle outfitting/upfitting services for emergency and specialty vehicles. We take the necessary personal face to face time to work with our clients to ensure that their vehicles are built to their specifications and to the highest quality possible.